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Video Streaming Solutions – Everything you need to know

2020 has proven that video streaming solutions are being used more than ever before. In fact, video streaming has become a critical way businesses have been communicating on all levels and in all industries over the last couple of years, especially with a huge shift of individuals now working from home due to COVID 19 restrictions. Live streaming is merely thriving, and the current pandemic has pushed the popularity of video streaming along even faster.

What exactly is video streaming? Video Streaming allows a user to download video content whilst they are watching it. Saving time on buffering, plus enabling the content to be viewed online, rather than saving it to a device first.

To become competitive in the industry, we needed to be selective when choosing a content delivery network (CDN) as this can make or break the end video streaming experience. We use Vimeo Livestream, which can distribute our content evenly across multiple servers in different geographical locations.

Additionally, video streaming solutions need to navigate through many issues, with the main issue being latency and congestion.

When choosing video streaming solutions, there are things to consider:

  1. Security
  2. Professional video hosting as well as live streaming capabilities
  3. Affordability
  4. Professional Support

GOLIVE recently did three video streams for Emu Plains Public School, as they were unable to hold their conventional end of year graduation and presentation ceremonies. With restrictions continuing to bring plans to a halt they had to think out of the square and so contacted us for a professional video streaming solution that would allow the celebrations to continue.

We created a custom-designed landing page for each of the three ceremonies, where we live-streamed each event, and this was all done through our video streaming provider, Vimeo. They had people from all over the world streaming in and had a total audience of 1,500 over the three days. The streams were secure, which is imperative when children are involved, reliable and the whole process was seamless.

Our client is already looking into video streaming solutions with Go Live for their 2021 events, and in the words of our client “video streaming seems to be the way to move forward now”.

If you are interested in our video streaming solutions, get in contact with the number one live streaming professionals, Go Live.

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