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virtual, hybrid events Season

By now, you may now have sat in numerous virtual events and be a little exhausted from attending online meetings day after day. The positive side is that you now understand how a virtual meeting is hosted and what to expect when attending a virtual meeting. Furthermore, you realise what benefits there is with attending a virtual event online. To name a few, cuts down travel time to and from the live event, interact with guest and staff online that you usually would not talk too, plus watch the event in your own time as a video on demand later if you cannot physically attend.

As restrictions ease, people return to work, and physical events return to physically attended events, organisers still want the event live-streamed with the physical audience in attendance. Based on last year’s response to the easing of the restrictions, event organisers will still host the live event online, which is known in the industry as a virtual hybrid event.

A virtual hybrid event is a physical audience in attendance with a live streaming production team filming the event and hosting the event on a live streaming platform. The benefits of go live’s virtual and hybrid service hosting the live event, give the attendee the option of either physically attending the event or watching it from an external location on their device. Plus, the viewer can watch the on-demand player at their own pace later or download it as a file.

Good examples of virtual, hybrid events are school graduations. In 2020, when covid restrictions eased and schools were able to hold graduation ceremonies for students. The hybrid event was fundamental for schools graduating their senior year’s students.

However, the students were able to receive their awards. Parents were not allowed to attend the graduation; by hosting a hybrid event, they tuned into the live stream via a digital device and watched their child receive their award from an external location. Plus, this benefited extended family that may not have gone but would have been interested in the ceremony. Moreover, the virtual guest, including the students, has a digital copy they can watch later and download as a record.

Go Live Virtual and hybrid events service span Australia wide, including the capital cities, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney if you are looking to host a virtual event in the future. Call the number one live streaming events specialist to discuss how to take your event into the virtual space.


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