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Vision Switcher Hire

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Live streaming or even filming an event with multiple cameras is much easier when using a vision switcher machine. From past experiences, we have found using the switcher enables you too cut from an out of focus or range camera angle to a camera in focus capturing what is happening during the event. By using the vision switcher machine, this eliminates the chances of you missing any action that is happening during your event.

Not only does using the vision switcher allow you to create a quality event that can be watched straightaway or later in your own time. The vision switcher will enable you to add graphics, branding and advertisement videos. Giving your event that professional look and edge it deserves. Other advantages include ingesting a logo to promote your brand and lower thirds to introduce a speaker into your event.

Once you use a switcher in your event and understand the benefits you can gain over not using a switcher, it will be hard for you to capture an event without one.

Go Live not only sells vision switchers, but we also hire vision switcher throughout Australia, including the main capital cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

If you would know more about our vision switcher hire, give the live streaming professionals a call to discuss your event needs. Call 1300 719 633

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