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ViveActive Go live with Birddog NDI PTZ’s cameras, controlled over a laptop switcher.

Viveactive is a Pilates Studio based in Double Bay Sydney; although this is no standard Pilates studio as it is unique in many ways compared to other studios. 

The Vive (no pun intended) at this studio is upbeat and energetic, and as described by the owner’s John and Louise, “it’s like a mix between a Pilates class and nightclub”. The studio achieves this with professional lighting,  loud surround audio system and upbeat trainers that make the place very enjoyable to attend and work out at the same time. 

Vive brought Go Live on board to install live streaming equipment into the studio so the studio can run daily live classes, plus Go Live educated and trained the staff on how to host and operate the switcher during a live stream event. 

The Vive staff wanted a Livestream solution that can be operated from a different location, ideally outside of the studio, so there is no interference whilst the classes are running. By setting up the live stream switcher outside of the studio, this makes the class less intrusive for participants, plus creates more space for the reformer beds that are used during the workout.  

There is only one option to achieve this type of set-up, and that is to install Pan Tilt Cameras (PTZ) inside the studio and control them from an external location. Go Live believes the best PTZ camera solution for the studio is the P200 Birddog PTZ camera. As they operate over ethernet, shoot in 1080p60, with 30x optical zoom, plus designed for serious production, making the image of  P200 the best in its class. Containing an NDI silicon chip, Sony CMOS backlit sensor and the true Sony image module, enabling this camera to have lightning autofocus, sharp images and insanely fast zoom.  

The cameras are wired and powered over ethernet, take a 3.5 jack input in the back of the camera for audio syncing and connect to a switch modem from the ethernet output. The modem is the hub for all the inputs and bonds together over an internal network. For the live streaming switcher solution, we installed a laptop with the switching software V-Mix.  

This live streaming software has the capability to utilise all the devices in the live stream switching software, including the joystick, as the operator accesses these devices through an IP address. Once the live stream is produced, the production is encoded (live feed) from an AJA HELO encoder to the studios live streaming platform for the participants at home to login in an watch. 

If you are interested in purchasing live streaming equipment for your organisation, please do not hesitate on getting in touch with the live streaming professionals, Go Live Australia. 

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