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VIVID Sydney 2017 Program announcement Goes Live on Facebook

Vivid Sydney festival is about lights, music and ideas. The festival spans over twenty-three days and features some of the world’s most important creative industry forums. These exhibitions are free to the public and consist of outdoor lighting shows, sculptures and contemporary music programs that run over the three-week period. Vivid Sydney is where art, technology and commerce come together.

To kick off the festival, Go Live Australia came on board and live streamed the official program announcement about the festival via the Vivid Sydney Facebook Page, this notified followers what the festival guide contains and what to look forward too. For this Facebook Live production we set up two cameras and ingested these feeds into the switcher and mixed this with graphics, videos and closed-captioning for viewers who are hearing impaired. This Facebook Live broadcast was a success with over twenty thousand views to date and continues to increase everyday.

If you are interested in our video live streaming services and would like to know how our services that include Facebook live, closed captioning and graphic ingestion works. Give us call and our team will let you know what we can do for your Facebook Live Broadcast event.

CEO of Destination NSW Sandra Chipchase

CEO of Destination NSW Sandra Chipchase

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