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We are also a video production company!

Go Lives primary services is live streaming events, but recently, we have invested in more specialized equipment to provide professional video production services to our clients.  Becoming a video production company is the perfect fit for the company as we already have a majority of the equipment, knowledge and skills to provide these types of service. 

It is obvious now within the marketing world that video content is vital for small to large business and organisation to show their products, services, skill set or features in a showreel video, allowing clients and customers to gain a good understanding of what is possible to either purchase or see what is possible for them.

What is a showreel you ask?

A showreel is a short video clip of what businesses and organisations of all sizes offer to their clients. Generally, the video highlights the companies’ core products or services in a 1-2 minute video, giving the viewers a good visual understanding of what is possible or what can be achieved. Think of when Steve Jobs would present new apple items and use video content to explain what is possible, plus reduce any confusion the listener may have. Showing these videos would visually explain the new features and allow interested parties to enjoy and understand what is possible.

To date, we have filmed, edited and delivered many showreel videos for clients; the feedback has been fantastic, but the results have been even better as their sales have increased significantly since showing what is possible.

When the Go Live video production team create a showreel, the possibilities are also endless; they use 4k cameras, ingest graphics plus branding and mix the visual content with professional audio. If you are looking for a Video Production Company to design and create your video showreel. Give Go Live a call to find out what packages are available and how it could suit you. 

Check out some videos below of past videos we have supplied.

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