We hire audio Visual Equipment l Go Live Australia Streaming



We hire audio Visual Equipment.

The most important part of a production is the vision, but when the audio is off, this can ruin the whole production, making your event undesirable to watch. 

We not only priorities the visual component, but also audio. Because getting the audio to sound clear, uninterrupted and loud enough is crucial for a live stream event or production, as hearing what is happening in the production is essential, as the information projected is what the viewer is more than likely engaging in. Plus making sure the quality of the picture is focused, clear and enjoyable to watch is paramount when the two feeds come together.  

 To make sure our audio is clear and professional as possible, we only use the best audio equipment on the market, providing that professional edge, using either Sennheiser lapel or hand microphones. These feeds are then mixed through professional audio mixers to achieve the right levels and sound, plus reducing any interruptions.

 Looking to hire quality audiovisual equipment in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. We are renting audiovisual equipment to all states. Give us buzz for a free quote and advice.

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