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We Love the NewTek VS 4000

NewTek TalkShow VS 4000 Multi-Channel Video Calling System - Go Live Australia

The Newtek 4000 is by far, one of the most valuable hardware systems we rent andsell. The NewTek Talkshow VS 4000 Multi-Channel video calling system, allows youto simultaneously include up to four guests in real time from anywhere in theworld, by using the Skype cloud platform. The interaction between guests hasminimal latency and up to full- HD quality vision, so the audience orparticipants can get a good understanding of what is happening at any of thelocations.

Furthermore, the Newtek Vs 4000 hardware allows you to ingest broadcasting cameras and audio into the system for maximum clarity and vision of the area. This is possible by ingesting the feed through the SDI inputs in the back of the machine.

We have used the Newtek vs 4000 hardware for numerous events, including live interactions in medical procedures, introducing professional speakers from other countries into a conference as a guest, plus screening actors onto a movie screen after a movie premiere for the audience to interact with, once the movie has been screened.

We have used the New Tek 4000 for multiple reasons and continue to find ways to introduce new talent into a live stream through the Newtek VS 4000. It is also possible to have a NewTek video toaster 4000customised into your switcher for the same results. If you need any more information about the Newtek VS 4000 system, please do not hesitate to give us a call for a friendly chat and advice.

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