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What are Hybrid Events and what Technology is Needed?

What exactly are hybrid events? Well, to put it quite simply, they are a mix of live and virtual events.  This means you have your traditional event in a venue with live presenters and an audience, mixed with presenters coming in remotely from anywhere worldwide. You’ve been an attendee of a hybrid event.

Most people are at the realisation that Hybrid events are a new thing, a new way of delivering events since the pandemic! Well, Hybrid events have been around for years. The majority of us have attended many hybrid events without even realising.  Have you ever watched an event on the TV, such as a Grand final football match, or carols by candlelight? Then, believe it or not, you’ve been an attendee of a hybrid event. 



So precisely what are the benefits of running a Hybrid event?

  • Increase reach and attendance
  • Greater audience engagement
  • Better sponsorship opportunities
  • Improved return on investment 
  • Easier access to data pre and post-event
  • Event flexibility
  • Gain greater control over costs
  • Brand awareness and marketing your event

What technology is needed for a successful Hybrid Event?

When it comes to Hybrid events, you need better technology, especially as you have an increase in production that you will need to consider. You will need production equipment and a professional production company to ensure your event is smooth-running and well polished.

The equipment that will become an integral part of your Hybrid, which will ensure the professionalism of your Hybrid event, is:

  • Cameras – A professional live streaming company will never shoot a Hybrid event with less than two cameras. The more cameras you have on production, the more engaging your Hybrid event will be. You may also want to consider adding a roaming camera to the workflow of your Hybrid event. This will give your event more perspective, making your Hybrid event more aesthetically pleasing and engaging to your online audience. 
  • Switcher – This piece of equipment allows your producer to switch the cameras throughout the production. This, again, will give your Hybrid event more depth, and your online audience will get a feel of what is happening at the event. You have the opportunity to guide your producer on the camera angles you want throughout your Hybrid event by including these details on your event storyboard. 
  • Audio – Audio is essential to a Hybrid event, and it is one of those key tech issues that no one thinks about until it doesn’t work! When you’re organising a hybrid event, it needs to be a top priority:
  • Microphones – Lapel microphones will make your speakers easier to hear. A handheld microphone will also allow in-person audience members to be heard during Q&As or discussions. These are generally the most popular mics for Hybrid events.
  • Mixing Board – Allowing your audio tech to switch between the different mics and audio throughout the production.
  • Speakers – Allowing your in-person attendees to hear your panellist better, but they can also let your virtual attendees and panellists be heard if they contribute to a session at your Hybrid event.
  • Lighting  – Good lighting Is imperative to a professionally run Hybrid event, and good lighting can either make or break your event. Lighting shows what you want your audience to see and highlights structures such as facades, interior features of the venue, parts of the set or the entire stage. Lighting is the most effortless way to direct your audience’s attention throughout your event. 
  • Confidence Monitors/Projectors – These enable you to broadcast virtual attendees and panellists to your in-person audience. It can also allow you to display elements of your virtual event in your physical event venue, such as live poll results or questions submitted during a Q&A. 
  • Bonded cellular encoder – Good internet is another crucial aspect of any Hybrid event; without solid internet connections, you risk your Hybrid event failing mid-production. Cellular bonding is the process of combining two or more cellular Internet connections simultaneously using specific algorithms. The resulting bonded cellular Internet connection should provide the combined bandwidth of the individual mobile connections and failover protection.

How do you know if Hybrid events are suitable for your company? 

The best way to decide whether to hold a conventional event or a hybrid event is to first think about your company and how a hybrid event might look. An excellent way to determine this is by asking some key questions:

  • Who is the intended audience of the event, in-person or virtual?
  • What is the overall objective of the event?
  • Will you include breakout rooms for discussions? Can you use a platform that allows for virtual break out rooms?
  • What is the budget for the event? Does having a virtual aspect cut down travel costs and decrease the need for such an ample conference space? 
  • Do you intend on having an exhibit aspect of the event? Can you use a platform that allows a virtual expo hall?

By running through this process, you will determine whether a hybrid event is the best way to go for your event.

If you would like to step up your hybrid event experience, you can hire a streaming company to produce and live stream all of your sessions. One significant advantage of acquiring a professional live streaming company for your next Hybrid event Is the ease of broadcasting to multiple places, be it on a platform, event website, social media, or elsewhere.  

If you are ready to take your Hybrid event to the next level, look no further, as Go Live is Australia’s live streaming expert, and we are ready and raring to make your next Hybrid event the most successful yet.

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