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What is the best live streaming service provider?

What is the best live streaming service provider?

Before our clients host a live stream, they ask, what is the best live streaming service platform to host a live stream on, and we explain no one size fits all. As it all depends on what you are live streaming and who is the audience you are targeting.

When hosting a live stream, there are a plethora of live streaming service provider platforms that can host a live stream; including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Linked. What is the difference you may ask? Technically speaking, all the platforms do the same thing and will host a live event on their platform. However, the main difference is not the quality of the live stream, but the audience the host is targeting and how the viewers will view the live stream.

YouTube is a video media platform that generally hosts videos on demand, allowing the host to make money from the number of views their content gets over the life of the video. Although, YouTube also gives the host the option to live stream and the advantage of going live on YouTube is that the live stream can be uploaded in multiple bitrates. However, if the live video is unable to be uploaded in High Definition quality (1080), this might be because the internet is not very strong in the area. Furthermore, the YouTube media player will adjust the bitrate, allowing the content to be played to the best of its ability, and the viewer will be able to view the production.

Facebook is a robust marketing platform to host a live stream media player, and there are many reasons for this. As Facebook members on this platform can connect with their friends, view the news feed and share a live streaming media player with friends when it is becomes live. Not only can the live stream be viewed in real-time, but when the live event is finished, the live content will become an on-demand media player for viewers that we’re unable to view the content live.

Instagram released its live video feature in late 2016. Since then, the live streaming service provider has continued to build upon their live stream function by adding features like questions, plus the option to add friends to the live streaming video. These new functions have become very popular with users, especially the celebrities as they can speak directly with their fans in real-time. Making this is the perfect platform for letting followers see an event or function that is being hosted in real-time. The best way to access this function in Instagram is through the story function on your iPhone or Android.

Unlike the other two live streaming service providers mentioned, Linked In target market is generally for professionals who either own a business or work in the corporate sector, furthermore. Linked In Live allows organizations and individuals to broadcast video content to their network in real-time. Although Linked In is still testing this feature, so only a select group of members and Pages have access and to be considered for hosting a live stream. The host will have to apply to become a live video broadcaster. However, as the beta process is finalized and this becomes more popular, this live tool will be vital for individuals and organizations to promote a product, informing followers of a product release or show what is happening in the industry.

Statistics show that right now, 80 per cent of content on the platform is video and members are more than 20 times more likely to share a video than any other type of post. Plus video posts earn 30 per cent more comments per impression than non- video posts, with users spending almost three times more time watching videos post, compared to time spent looking at pictures. If you would like to know more about the best live streaming service platform to host an event? Please get in contact with the live streaming professionals, Go Live Australia, and we help cater a production to meet your needs. Call us on 1300 719 633 

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