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Live Streaming Services across Australia

We provide professional live streaming solutions across all of Australia. This gives you the ability to live stream any event and reach a global audience. Viewers can watch your live event from either your own website or we can create a customised event page, enabling your audience to watch your event live on the custom page. You also have the choice to embed the live stream on multiple websites to increase your viewing numbers. Our team can work with you every step of the way to make it as easy as possible.

Our Live stream services are affordable without compromising quality. We shoot with high definition cameras then ingest the signal directly into our live streaming hardware that is made for live streaming. When your event is live you only have one chance to get it right, the live stream services that we provide ensure that you have the best quality and experience to guarantee you the best live event.

We specialise in capturing live conferences and corporate events. We often see the need for businesses to utilise live streaming to get their message out to all of the their employees across Australia or the globe. By using Go Live you can get everyone all in one place without ever leaving your city!

Everything from your next business meeting to a live musical performance. Our Live Video services can be catered to yours needs. if you need manned or PTZ cameras, all day streaming or graphics and commercials.

Facebook is still one of the most popular ways to Go Live. Due to its large page followings and easy interactions during a Live Stream. We recommend it as a great starting point for most productions looking to gan extra views.

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Live Streaming is What We Do

As an Australian-owned and operated business, Go Live Australia has been providing Australian businesses with video streaming and webcasting services for the past five years.

Based in Sydney, we don’t limit ourselves to the one city, but have customers all around the country, from Brisbane to Melbourne and across to Perth.

Providing our clients with a professional service using the latest in high-quality equipment, it’s common for our customers to use our services again and again because they realise the benefits our services give.

As a video streaming market leader, Go Live Australia provides its clients with live video streaming services, event webcasting services, live streaming of conferences, video streaming services and webcasting services.

There’s no video streaming job that is too big or small for our business!

Quality is What Counts

When you are working with live video, it’s vital you invest in a high-quality service as this reflects on your product; otherwise you may potentially lose customers. Nobody likes to deal with video that stops streaming halfway through or takes too long to load. We know this, which is why we provide only the highest quality in video streaming, so your customers can get the best.

The benefits of live video streaming solutions for events are endless. Whether you are holding an event and want to widen your audience, or need all your employees together in the one room and on the same page while being spread across the country, video streaming can get your voice heard quickly, clearly and inexpensively.

Go Live Streaming allows you to stream your event, conference or meeting in real time, maximising your exposure and dramatically increasing your audience. And don’t just imagine that’s an Australian audience – our videos have been streamed internationally too!

If you have a great product, idea, service or general information to share, why not share it with as many people as possible, so more can benefit from your skill?

With Go Live Streaming, we can help you to do just that, using the latest, high-end professional equipment to get your voice heard in real time.

Our videos are all shot in high definition, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality, and our live streaming hardware ensures your customers receive only the best in video streaming.

So the next time you hold a corporate event, forget the cost of getting all your clients and employees together in the same room – why not live stream the event instead? You can save yourself up to 80% in event management costs and still ensure all your clients get all the information they need.

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