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Do you have a large following through social media? Site’s like Facebook have live marketing tools that you can utilize to make the most of your following. Social media sites like Facebook are perfect examples of how you can use a Facebook Live Event to take advantage of your existing followers and drive more traffic to your site.

Facebook Livestreaming, was launched in 2015, as a response to seeing video content consumption on the rise. Following on from that there are numerous brands that use it regularly to engage with their network, the cost is low and exposure is high. A perfect match some would say.

Facebook Livestreaming allows you to broadcast live through viewers feed by interacting and engaging with people on a personal level, by speaking directly to them and answering live comments they might share with you. You already have a captive audience, as the viewers have already ‘liked’ your page. This allows you to use Facebook livestreaming as a way to engage with your audience and hopefully like and share your Facebook livestream to increase your reach and audience.

Facebook Livestreaming gives your organisation reach anywhere in the world. You are able to communicate with people in real time and push your message through a traditional social media channel. Facebook Livestreaming allows you to reach people in their personal time without feeling obtrusive as they are choosing to watch your Facebook Livestream on a page they have chosen to like and follow.

According to numerous research outlets, online users are spending three times longer watching live videos compared to pre-recorded videos. Why would you not consider giving Facebook livestreaming a go?

Talk to us today about how we can help you start Facebook Livestreaming and see what a difference it will make to your marketing efforts.

Live streaming your sporting event across the country will maximise your exposure and bring in more interest

When you are growing your sports fan base, it’s important to be able to show how fun and interesting the events are in real time. Live streaming on Facebook with Go Live Streaming is a great way to connect your fans to your event and expose you to the maximum number of fans, as your existing followers like and comment throughout the stream.

Different angles and interactivity

One of the high-impact options when streaming events is that you can use multiple cameras to get dynamic views allowing viewers to see the action from a range of angles. In some ways, it’s an even better experience for sports fans than being present at the game, because they can see the best parts of the event no matter where they are sitting. The Go Live team reviews the angles and camera positions during the stream, so the viewers won’t miss a single moment of the action.


One of the advantages of using Go Live for Facebook Live streaming is that your event can be viewed on any device and is optimised for mobile devices as well as desktop computers. A growing number of viewers prefer to watch events on mobiles and are constantly on the go, so having a service that works on any device is important to maximise the exposure of your event, keeping fans engaged. Go Live also has teams all around Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, so if your sport tours or has fixtures in different cities you can be confident that you’ll be able to get the same high-quality streaming service everywhere you play.

High-quality equipment and service

Using high-end equipment is important when you are participating in live streaming, which is why Go Live has the latest professional equipment. By itself, the equipment can only do so much, which is why Go Live also has a great service team that are experienced in using Facebook Live streaming services and who will work with you through the entire process. They will meet with you before the streaming event to learn as much as possible about your plans and work with you to come up with the best possible live stream Facebook action.

If you have a sports event that you want to be able to live stream on Facebook, then you should contact Go Live Australia. We can help you to plan and carry out a dynamic and engaging stream of your next event.