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Funeral Live Stream and Webcasting Services in Sydney

Live Streaming has allowed us to farewell our loved ones when we have lost the freedom to be able to farewell them in person at funerals.

Yes, live streaming funerals may not be the conventional way of saying goodbye, however, live streaming funerals has given people comfort, it has allowed them to watch the service from anywhere around the world.

Live streaming has been around for more than 20 years, and funeral homes all around Australia have been exploring live funeral streaming well before COVID began. There are so many reasons, other than COVID, as to why some people may not be able to physically attend a service. Live Streaming brings so much flexibility and takes away an element of stress at an already very stressful time.

If COVID is stopping you from having the funeral that you planned for your loved ones, please contact the Go Live team today and we can discuss the options you have for live streaming the service so no family and friends are left without saying goodbye.


Package 1

Starting From $1,950

1-hour duration of the stream

1 Operator (operate cameras and Livestream)

2 Cameras and tripods (1 fixed and 1 wide)

Livestream switcher to switch camera feed and slideshow (Vmix)

Ingestion of slideshow

4G Bonded internet/ Encoder (crucial requirement)

1 Wireless Mic or Audio split from the venue system

Camera riser

Stream to private link (custom page including photo)

Deliver, Setup and Pack down

A videographer can be added to operate one of the camera’s for $500


Package 2

Starting From $2,500

Everything that is included in the package one plus:

4-hour duration of the stream

Roaming camera operator included as well with roaming camera (3. cameras in total)


Highlight Reel

A highlight Reel can be added to any of the above packages for $1,200

Go Live is an Australia-wide live streaming company that specialises in large live events and video, studio, sales, and rental equipment.


We provide our professional production team with industry standard production equipment to meet all of your live event needs. Achieving the best live stream service in Australia. 

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