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Hosting an event with physical attendees and want to live stream the event for guest at home to tune in and watch as well? This is called a Hybrid event, combining a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component. 

With close to ten years of experience in the Live Hybrid industry, we pride ourselves on quality, knowledge and the passion the event and live streaming crew apply to Hybrid productions.

Hybrid events are the perfect alternative to hosting just a live-in person event, as there is no restriction from guest virtually attending your Hybrid event. Plus, the amount of guest who can tune in and watch the live event is limitless and not restricted by the venues size or the number of seats in the room, allowing your live streaming event to be attended by as many guests as you wish.

Moreover, by doing a hybrid event, guest can either attend the live event in person or stay at home and watch the Live stream event in the comfort of their own home from any location worldwide.

Once the Live Stream has been viewed in real-time, the live content will be saved on the page as an on-demand media player. And this means it can be viewed later at the viewer’s conveyance, plus allowing the virtual guest to watch repeatedly at a later date at their own pace.  Plus, the guest who attended can watch the replay if they wish. 

If you are hosting a hybrid event and looking for a professional live streaming services provider to host your Hybrid event, get in touch with Go Live Australia and enquire about how we can turn your event into a Hybrid professional production

Go Live 5 Step Approach

As there is an ever-increasing demand for Live streaming services across Australia and the world, AV companies turn their attention from recorded content only to hosting live streams. This transition for some companies has been challenging. In some cases, disastrous during the Hybrid event as their lack of experience and incompetency has jeopardised the client’s live stream event. As we know, you only get one shot to get it right when it’s live.
To overcome this and make sure the operator you are considering to host your Hybrid Event has experience hosting a live Hybrid event. We suggest you ask the company to show you their companies experience from previous live productions they have produced. Plus reference clients they have worked for in the past. Go Live also recommend asking the operators questions about how they would troubleshoot a live streaming issue if this were to occur during a Hybrid event or if they have a redundancy plan in place if the Livestream fails.
As Go-Live has been in the live industry for close to a decade, the experience Go-Live has gained over the years is shown from the initial consultation right through to completing the live streaming event. To achieve a successful Hybrid stream, we reduce and mitigate risk associated with streaming by following a 5-step approach we have developed over the decade of providing our Hybrid services to clients Australia wide. The 5-step method Go Live follow to ensure clients live Hybrid event is nothing short of quality and professional is listed below.

Step One; We Listen

Go Live, listen to the client’s needs and requirements for a Hybrid event, then tailor a live streaming solution to meet each client's Hybrid event requirements. We recommend and discuss alternate solutions if we think they will benefit your event’s live stream. Being in the industry for close to a decade and proudly hosting over 1’000 events Australia wide, Go Live recognise what best principles should be applied for your Hybrid live event.

Step Two; Pre-meeting

Once Go-Live has confirmed the client's requirements and a date has been locked in to go Live, we set up a pre-event meeting with your team and one of our producers and event coordinators to discuss the Hybrid event's deliverables and milestones. The meeting will discuss the venue's layout, requirements for equipment, staff allocation, plus go through the run sheet and schedule of the live streaming service we will be providing to your organisation on the day of the Hybrid event.

Step Three; Event day

Event day is the most important day of the whole Hybrid event process. This is when you and your organisation live to the audience in the room and the virtual ones you have invited to watch the Livestreaming event. Once the previous steps have been followed and everyone is on the same page, we ensure the live event will run smoothly and according to the run sheet and schedule customised for your live Hybrid event.

Step Four; Go-Live Equipment

We pride ourselves on providing a quality Live stream service to our clients. To accomplish this, Go Live utilises equipment that is nothing less than the latest production equipment on the market and is being widely used within the industry by professional live streamers worldwide. Furthermore, Go Live trial and test the equipment before every production to reduce any unforeseen risk, plus help make sure the live streaming production is nothing short of a quality and professional live Hybrid outcome.

Step Five; Production

Go Live’s highly skilled producers, event managers and staff are the best in producing a Hybrid event. This experience derives from a combination of doing our due diligence, a highly skilled team and the professional live streaming equipment used and operated on each set. This is why Go Live is regarded as one of Australia's Leading Live streaming providers for live services and Consultancy Australia wide.


Go Live’s Livestream technicians, and producers come from a professional production background. This production experience allows you to customise the live event the way you would like your event presented to your viewers. Whether it’s to incorporate graphics, commercials, multiple cameras or paper view into your Hybrid event, our live streaming technicians can customise the Hybrid event to suit your vision. We host live production for various disciplines and industry all year round, including general business meetings, conferences, work functions, sporting events, or for any other reason. We ensure the go-live staff will go the extra lengths and beyond to ensure the event runs as smooth as possible.


Production services from live streaming to event video filming.

Quality From the Initial Consultation

Our quality starts by consulting with our production manager on what you would like to achieve and incorporate into your Hybrid event. This is followed by a step-by-step guide of what we can include in your live event and how we can collaborate to produce a professional Hybrid event.

From the beginning of the live event, right through to the end, we make sure the quality follows through to the end of the Hybrid production to when Go Live provides you with an in-depth analytics report of how many people tuned in to watch the live event.

This report will give You an understanding of where the viewers came from and who was interested in the event, allowing you to have an insight into the audience’s demographics and geographical location—enabling you to promote your products in the future in the most accurate way.

Multi Platform Streaming

Some of the quality features that make a difference are that we send out the multi-bitrate production to make the viewers content compatible to view on any device. Additionally, we can stream the Hybrid production through multiple platforms to reach a larger audience, including Facebook live streaming, YouTube and Live stream.

If you would like to know more about our Hybrid live stream services and Webcasting services, get in contact with Go Live Australia for a free consultation.

Go Live is an Australia-wide live streaming company that specialises in large hybrid events and video, studio, sales, and rental equipment.


We provide our professional production team with industry standard production equipment to meet all of your live event needs. Achieving the best live stream service in Australia. 

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