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Have you thought about holding a Brisbane live streaming production for an event you are holding? Statistics show there has been an increase of online video popularity growing every year showing 78% of the world’s population watching videos online every week, and 55% percent every day. These statistics are evidence that one of the most effective ways to market your business or organization is to hold a live streaming production at your event.If you turn your event into a live video webcasting production, this will expand your audience from the people in the room to a worldwide audience. We also give you the option to hold the event on multiple platforms to gain maximum exposure for your event.

Studies have been done, if a consumer viewing your video has a negative experience while watching your event, this will reflect on your business with the consumer more likely to hesitate to purchase from your brand, defeating the purpose of trying to host a live webcasting event yourself. This is why we believe quality is what counts and our standard of quality starts from the beginning through a consultation with our production manager discussing what you would like to achieve from your own event.

Being one of the top Brisbane live video streaming specialists, we take quality seriously and will go to all lengths to make sure the quality of the event is nothing less than a high standard professional production.To achieve our high quality standard, our productions team uses high definition commercial grade cameras, professional audio microphones, and ingests these feeds into a switcher and audio mixer to achieve the highest quality production.

Additionally we also suggest incorporating one of our own in house audio professional technicians to take care of the audio if you are using multiple microphones for the event, especially when hosting a round table discussion. By going the extra length to make sure the quality of the sound is clear and uninterrupted by any interference in the audio during your event.

If you would like branding incorporated into your live streaming production, we can incorporate graphics, add a commercial and ingest the live streaming production on multiple social media sites to gain maximum exposure. Additionally, we can incorporate multiple camera angles to capture a different perspective of your live webcast, making the production more enjoyable and exciting to watch.

Whatever you would like to incorporate in your event, Go live Australia are the Brisbane live video streaming specialists giving you professional services and highest of quality.