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Canberra being the parliament capital of Australia is the prime area for a corporation or business to host a Live streaming event, to release a political announcement regarding law or legislation that has been passed through parliament. One of the most effective ways to announce this to the public is through live streaming. The announcement can be in real time during or after the political meeting to be the first to inform the public and any interested parties.

To gain maximum exposure, we can embed the Canberra live streaming announcement on multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube or Live stream, additionally white label the media player plus password protect for only invited viewers to watch. We also suggest including a comment bar in your stream for the public to interact, be social and ask the presenter or speaker questions allowing them to respond back through the live webcast in real time.

Our services not only cater for parliament, we can live stream anything from sporting events, funerals, business conferences to medical procedures, with our services catering to any industry that requires live streaming.

If you would like to enquire about our Canberra live streaming services, get in contact with your webcasting specialist- Go live Australia