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Live Stream Video Conference Services in Melbourne

Holding a corporate event, conference music event or fashion show in Melbourne and thought about Live streaming your event to a larger audience? Don’t reduce the audience to the number of seats in the venue, when you can hold a Melbourne live video streaming or Melbourne Webcasting production that could be viewed by millions around the world.

Go live Australia being one of the top live streaming and webcasting companies understands what potential your live event can have when your event goes live around the world. Once our production team has set up the logistics and discussed the fine points of what you would like incorporated into your live video streaming production, we can discuss marketing strategies which best suit your production. This will include having a discussion about the numerous content delivery networks’ we can embed to discuss what best suits your Melbourne live video production.


Production services from live streaming to event video filming.

Quality From the Initial Consultation

We will go to all lengths to ensure your Melbourne live streaming production runs as smooth as possible, dedicating 100 percent of our effort to make sure the quality is maintained and executed in the utmost professional way.

Multi Platform Streaming

Live streaming on Facebook or many of our other available platforms can give you the chance to increase your audience, which could be the paramount key in marketing and promoting your label, business or organization to the largest audience in the world to gain as much attention as possible. As viewers watch your Facebook Melbourne live streaming event, this gives them the opportunity to like your page, allowing you to promote your label or business to the larger fan base in the future. Once the live event is over we will provide you with an analytics report of your live streaming event. This will give you an understanding of where your viewers came from, who was interested in the live event, and an insight look into the demographics and geographical location of your audience. This gives you the opportunity to promote your products in the future in the most accurate way.

Need more information? Give the Melbourne live streaming and webcasting specialist a call to find out how you can go live professionally.

Go Live offers professional services to help you grow your business by reaching a real audience. Using  various tools and platforms allow us to reach your customers. 

Go Live is an Australia wide live streaming company that not only specialises in large live events but also video, studio, sales and rental equipment.


We provide our professional production team with industry standard production equipment to meet all of your live event needs. Achieving the best live stream service in Australia. 

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Don't cancel your events because of COVID-19

We are currently offering a range of studio and in office livestream services to help facilitate the current pandemic. 

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