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Nothing compares to attending a conference or event in person – or does it? With the right equipment and expertise, you can offer live streaming to your audience in Perth and that means no-one needs to miss a moment.

Perth has a lot to offer, with stunning parklands, a vibrant business district and plenty of great event facilities. However, the stunning Western Australian capital is the second most isolated capital city in the world, meaning that Perth-based events targeted at Australia-wide audiences are seldom well attended. The solution? Providing worldwide live streaming and webcasting that allows those who cannot physically attend to experience the event as it happens.


Production services from live streaming to event video filming.

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Not only do live webcasting services in Perth provide individuals or companies the opportunity to attend interstate events, they also raise the profile of events, help them to gain exposure and substantially reduce costs. The benefits of live streaming are endless.

Running events can be an expensive business. Catering costs are huge, printed materials are environmentally and financially inefficient and the logistical cost of bringing together clients and employees can be exorbitant. By reducing the number of delegates in person through offering an effective live streaming option, event organisers can reduce upfront event costs by more than a huge 80%.

Video streaming services enable event organisers to reach a near-countless number of listening ears. While event facilities are restricted by seating or catering availability, live streaming of conferences with Go Live enables an event to reach an infinite number of people around the world, maximising exposure and drawing interest to your company, products and ideas.

Specialists in Perth Live Streaming and Webcasting

Getting event webcasting services to run efficiently is an important business, so it’s equally as important to choose the right company for the job. If you’ve got something to share, Go Live is here to ensure that the message is securely and reliably shared with whoever wants to listen.

Go Live Australia are specialists in live streaming and video production, using the latest high-quality, professional equipment to provide superior streaming services Australia wide. A high-quality service will minimise distraction, encourage engagement and give virtual guests the confidence to ‘attend’ similar events through live streaming in the future.

Having been in the industry for over five years, Go Live is a market-leading provider with the ability to transform the way delegates and event organisers perceive event attendance. Whatever you would like to incorporate in your event, Go live Australia are the Brisbane live video streaming and webcast specialists giving you professional services and highest of quality.

Go Live is able to capture professional content for you and your business. From conferences to fashion events, Go Live is the team for you. 

Go Live is an Australia wide live streaming company that not only specialises in large live events but also video, studio, sales and rental equipment.


We provide our professional production team with industry standard production equipment to meet all of your live event needs. Achieving the best live stream service in Australia. 

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We are currently offering a range of studio and in office livestream services to help facilitate the current pandemic. 

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