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Live Video Conferencing

A live stream is a great way to bring an internal conference to an external audience. Using a password protected stream we are able to send out a full production to all of your employees right across the globe, or even just your home city. We are the video conferencing specialists.

But, take it to the next level and bring live interaction from other offices into your next event. It’s like Zoom but better. Perform live interaction in real time with professional sounding video and sound.

Utilising Skype TX, a commercial grade Skype technology, we are able to make zero delay conference calls between rooms, cities or even countries. Connect productions together and interact in real time, or bring a presenter in and let them present and talk to a live audience in real time.

The Skype TX system allows us to mix multiple cameras and even graphics to create endless possibilities. Meaning in a live stream we can bring in guest presenters or even cross to another venue and let them run the stream for a while.

Bringing in guest presenters is not only more cost effective but also simpler and easier for everyone. A presenter can sit in their own home or office and present live to an audience on the other side of the world.
Join upto 4 venues at once and have live conversations between them all at once using the Newtek Talkshow VS4000. Do everything from as simple as bringing in external presenters to joining multiple productions together. Check out what’s possible