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Go Live Australia provides affordable high quality live videography services which extend all over Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart) we can even go into remote locations with our portable equipment. We have qualified live videographers that will ensure your event is filmed with the highest quality live stream video service in the country. We shoot with high definition cameras and ingest the signal directly into our live streaming hardware.

As all our cameras are high definition cameras the footage is of the highest quality and suitable for any post-production project. Whatever live streaming solution you choose you will always receive the high definition footage at the end of the event to be able to create whatever is required. With a team of professional live videographers and the best hardware, it is fair to say that we provide nothing less than high standard professional live video streaming solutions. If you are looking for quality professional live video streaming in Australia choose Go Live Australia.

We All Scream for Live Streams

Live video streaming has revolutionised the way society interacts online. From live television to the more recent addition of streaming tools on social media, society expects to experience everything from sporting matches to weddings as they happen. For many, the event space is no different.

Go Live offers Australian companies the opportunity to spread their experience further, giving their current and future clients a much-needed real-time insight into what’s happening at an event at any given time.

Not only do professional live video streaming services provide individuals or companies the opportunity to virtually attend interstate events, but they also raise the profile of events, help them to gain exposure and substantially reduce costs. The benefits of live streaming are endless, and an increasing number of companies are tapping into technological resources that allow them to grow and develop.

Running events can be an expensive business. There are so many considerations to make, from the financial and environmental impact of any printed materials, right through to the cost of catering for any attendees. That’s before even thinking about the logistical difficulties and money that will need to be spent on actually bringing employees and company clients together in one location. A great way to tackle this is obviously to reduce the number of people that will actually be attending your event in person. A popular way to do this in the modern age is to offer an alternative live telecasting option for those who need to attend. In this way, organisers will find that the cost of an event can be reduced by up to 80%.

There really are no limits to the capabilities of video streaming. These services mean that event organisers are now able to connect with more people than ever before. Unlike putting together an event in the traditional way, which will often mean restrictions on catering or seat availability, with live streaming through a service such as Go Live an endless number of people can be reached, in any location around the world. This is great news for the company as whole, meaning more exposure than ever would have been possible before, resulting in increased interest in your company and the products or ideas being sold.

When you’ve decided on some of the details of your event, the next important step is to choose the right company when it comes to webcasting. You want an event webcasting service provider with a proven track record, that you know won’t let you down. By choosing Go Live, you’ll be doing just that.

Go Live Australia are the best in the business when it comes to video production and services for live streaming. They use only the highest quality, professional live video streaming equipment to have recently hit the market, so you can rest assured you’re choosing one of Australia’s superior streaming services. Go Live ensure that your broadcast goes smoothly, helping to minimise any possible distraction, promote further engagement with the company and brand, and encourage guests to attend similar virtual events in the future through success with their first experience.

Go Live have been in the live telecasting industry for over five years now, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing. We’re now the market leaders when it comes to providing a stellar service that helps companies transform their reputation through changes to the perceived success and attendance for online events. There really are endless opportunities to start revolutionising your company’s communications today through live streams. We stream from a wide variety of different areas, including Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, but our streaming services span every corner of the globe.