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The way conferences are attended these days is different from how they used to be before the covid pandemic. Nowadays, people participate or attend a conference via a virtual event. The main reason for this is the government’s regulations, ultimately restricting people from attending physical events due to social distancing rules, including the ongoing lockdowns taking place in states across Australia. 

Virtual events have been widespread, with large companies hosting award nights and annual general meetings virtually instead of hosting in an auditorium or conference room over the last year. Alternatively, an organisation is presenting the award to the runner up and winners through the virtual event. Annual general meetings have also been hosted through a virtual platform as employees have not been able to go into the office to work. Nevertheless, this has also benefitted staff in other states as they can join through a virtual interface instead of commuting to another state.

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Virtual Conference

Although a virtual conference or virtual exhibition has been a great alternative to hosting a physical conference during these times, there are other benefits from hosting a virtual event online than the standard physical conference.

There are numerous functions and features that can be implemented into the virtual event for virtual guests to partake in, such as live games, competitions, and polls. And above all, a guest can ask the virtual presenter a question via the live online chat function and answer through the virtual Livestream.

Moreover, suppose you would like your staff to break out into virtual rooms. In that case, this is possible to have all your employees go into individual virtual rooms to communicate, brainstorm, and participate in a task together for career development.

Virtual rooms are great for sharing in real-time, effectively networking as you would at a physical event. Furthermore, virtual events have allowed staff to stay at home, watch the virtual event in their own time, then, when the virtual conference is finished, continue working on tasks within the business, opposed to returning to their home or state. The virtual conference eliminates personnel hours that would have been spent travelling to another city to partake in the conference. 

When attending a conference, the accommodation usually provided for staff is no longer required, ultimately benefiting the organisation’s budget and bottom line.

Not only are there financial benefits for an organisation attending a virtual conference, but hosting virtual events gives the participant the option to watch the virtual conference in their own time and at their convenience. This flexibility benefits the viewer and the organisation as a whole as they can have their staff work on another task whilst the virtual event is still running if need be.

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual events are beneficial for individuals wanting to host an online event to reach a target audience for a particular event or occasion. Besides a virtual conference, the virtual concept has allowed creatives and individuals to host a virtual product release, virtual fundraisers, virtual cooking classes and virtual trivia nights, to name a few.

Virtual Product Release

A virtual product release is a great way to engage with your target market as a potential purchaser could be located anywhere in the world. A virtual event lets you cast your net to a larger audience, allowing you to capture an unlimited number of sales globally. Furthermore, you can gain the viewer’s email address, plus collect analytics on who is interested in the products for sale. This information is invaluable for target marketing and knowing who your audience is for a later event. Go Live can also provide a custom landing page to host your virtual event; the benefits of this include branding the page to suit your company marketing approach and appearance.

Purposely trying to raise funds for an event can be difficult; a venue has to be booked, catering, staff need to be organised, and you are restricted by the number of people who can attend—all in the hope of the guest generously contributing to a great cause. Instead, hosting a Virtual event can reach a larger audience willing to donate to help you achieve the monetary target you have set out to accomplish. Plus, the virtual event can be hosted on multiple social media platforms, gaining the exposure your virtual event deserves.

Whatever the reason for hosting a virtual event, go-live is leading the way in the virtual events space, hosting and providing services for over 300 virtual events throughout 2021. We are confident that Go Live will create and cater a virtual solution to meet your live online requirements.

Go Live incorporates a high level virtual hosting platform to deliver high-quality video to all kinds of devices. All of our virtual streams run at a minimum of 1080p and send multi-bitrate streaming to all users.


We provide our professional production team with industry-standard production equipment to meet all of your live virtual needs. 

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