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Additional to our Live Stream and Video packages we also offer additional services. They include Event Management, Pay per View & Monetisation, Technical Support, Consultancy, Analytics & Data Reportingand On-Site Crew.

We not only provide live video streaming solutions we can also help with every aspect of your event. We have a professional event manager on our team that can manage your event from beginning to end. 

Would you like to monetize your Live stream event by selling virtual tickets, receive revenue and have viewers watch your Live stream event on any device worldwide? Not only do we do provide live streaming services that is free to air, we can set up a Pay Wall facility in front of your live event for viewers to purchase virtual tickets to access your pay per view live stream. The Pay Wall facility we use offers numerous payment methods, at the click of a button and will adapt to the viewers currency.

“We can’t afford to live stream our events”, is a common thing we hear. When in actual fact you can make money when you hold a Pay Per View live stream event. Pay wall facilities are becoming increasingly more popular for organisations to monetize their events. Think about it, by asking people for a small fee you are getting better qualified leads watching your live stream pay per view and reducing the cost of your event. Many people will also enlist a live stream sponsor and logo to make visible throughout the Pay Per View live streaming and this helps to  increase your overall revenue and reduce cost.

However you like to think of it live streaming or live video, it is an emerging platform that more and more organisations are using to get their message out. If you are not sure how it all works or if you just want to ask a question to see what live video streaming solution works best for you. Then call 1300 719 633 and speak to our professional live video streaming experts at Go Live Australia for a free trial.

One of most critical tools for live webcasting is post live webcast analytics and data reporting following each live stream event. These reports can keep track of how many people are watching, what location they are watching from, their interest and from what device they are watching the live webcasting event from. Whether you’re a business, start – up or sole trader this will help you see your audience for who they are, their characteristics, demographics etc. So you can specifically target each of your live events.

Are you confused with how to do a live stream production for your event? Do you need expert advice and consultancy on how to do a live streaming production from start to finish? Our Live streaming service technicians can help you every step of the way in bringing your creative vision to life. Whether it be a single camera presentation or a full scale multi camera event, we can explain and show you how to do a live stream in the best and most cost efficient way by using the most up to date equipment available to deliver a Live professional production to your website or any site of your choice.

When live streaming from various, extremely remote locations, it is fair to say that each and every event is different and has it’s own challenges. Whatever live streaming solution you choose be it big or small you want a professional live streaming team on site to assist with anything you need. To ensure a smooth live stream production you want the best on site crew, depending on the event it can be from 2 up to 6 live stream operators that we would provide.

We can also offer you professional corporate photography for your next conference or event. You will get full covered from one of our expert photographers and receive all of your photos quickly after the event for posting to social media and your website. 

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