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One of most critical tools for live webcasting is post live webcast analytics and data reporting following each live stream event. These reports can keep track of how many people are watching, what location they are watching from, their interest and from what device they are watching the live webcasting event from. Whether you’re a business, start – up or sole trader this will help you see your audience for who they are, their characteristics, demographics etc. So you can specifically target each of your live events.

After each event, part of our live webcasting services, we can provide you with an analytics report based on the performance of each of your live webcasting events. The benefits are priceless, they can determine your audience, the conversation, the topic, even what you should target next through a poll or data collection. The possibilities are endless, in what you can capture and what you can achieve.

Many of our client’s express that knowledge is key. Knowing exactly who their clients are, who they need to speak to, what the message needs to be and the medium they use gives them an edge over their competitors. Understanding the results of their recent live webcasting and analytics give them invaluable information to keep top of the industry. and in the fore front of technology.

If you would like to know more about the analytics and data reports we provide with our live webcast services. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with the professional live webcasting services specialist Go live Australia.