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Go Live Australia offers broadcast services and solutions to businesses across Australia. Providing solutions to broadcast live video across the globe or in real time just across the street. We have a variety of solutions to fit whatever need you may have. 

Live Stream / Webcast Solution:

For most users the broadcast solution will involve webcasting or live streaming. This solution is especially beneficial if you have an internal event that you want to send out to a larger audience, utilizing social platforms and your own website. We deliver this stream in a ‘Youtube like player’ that makes it easy to watch on any device. 

All of our live streaming plans allow unlimited viewers and streaming up to 4K. 

For live streaming we utilize a bonded cellular network which allows us to not only stream remotely but also stream to multiple destinations at once. So you can webcast to your social pages and website at the same time. 

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Local Video Broadcast:

Another common broadcast problem is when you need to transmit video in close to real time over distances between 200m – 5km. Where running a cable is not feasible and live streaming brings in too much delay. 

In these situations we utilize a video transmitter like the Teradek Bolt series. These systems accept video in either SDI or HDMI formats and generally transmit up to 1080p. Teradek have also just released a 4K version of this line up. 

Go Live offers this broadcasting solution in a variety of ways. Including the rental of the Teradek Bolt series. Go Live Australia are also resellers of all of the Teradek line up, so if you are looking to purchase this gear you can check out the store here:

We also offer personal onsite crew and technical support so one of our trained technicians can be on site and look after your event and broadcast. 

More info on Onsite Crew:

Live Broadcast Platform:

Go Live Australia offers a professional broadcasting platform available for hire. Our platform provides your customers with a custom built landing page, with Q&A, password protection, file sharing. The landing page is customizable and able to include any colours, logos or fonts required. 

Password protection allows you to protect your livestream and make it available only to the people you want to see it. This can be extended to allow domain protection if you are hosting on your own site. 

Our broadcast platform also captures complete analytics to give you exact number of views, average watch times, unique viewers, device capture and location tracking.