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Live Streaming Platform

Go Live Australia provides live streaming platform services to businesses looking for the use of a reliable live video or webcast platform for their users. Our Livestream platform is capable of supporting up to 4K videos and can be embedded on your own site or our own custom landing page. 

Hosting Platform:

Our live stream platform is a great solution for many businesses looking to provide live video to their customers and employees but doesn’t want to spend the hefty charge of buying your own. Our Livestream platform is able to capture views, device information and user location. It also provides password protection and domain name restrictions. 

After your live stream has ended our live player displays the latest video for users to be able to watch later. 

Live Stream Productions:

Go Live Australia also provides complete live stream and webcasting solutions to businesses, giving you full production without any hassles. Our professional technicians will cover your next event and host it on our platform and look after everything else in between. 

All of our productions include the use of our bonded cellular network and management system that allows you to stream in high quality and to multiple destinations at a time. Meaning you can stream live to your own website as well as all of your social networking pages. 

Our complete productions all include 4K cameras and a full production switcher allowing for graphic and media ingestion. All files are recorded locally and ready for delivery immediately after your event has concluded. 

More info on Live Stream Productions: