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Go Live Australia can make a professional highlights reel of your next event or conference. We use at least 2 high resolution 4K cameras to capture everything in a standard, wide, tight and additional roaming camera setup with a stabiliser. We won’t miss a thing and will capture b-roll and even interviews for use after the event.

Go Live Australia can cover your next conference or event with a team of experienced videographers. Ensure you don’t miss a minute – allow us to give you full coverage of everything that happens. There are multiple packages you can choose from depending on your scope and budget. Think about what you want to use the footage for – don’t let your event happen and be over and have nothing to show from it. We offer a range of packages to suit your needs.

Make sure you capture the moments from your next event. Our experienced videography team from Go Live Australia are the perfect team, we can work with you to make sure you have clean crisp 4K footage of your event. We offer a variety of packages for all sizes of events and conferences. Packages come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Leave it to us – we can create a ready to watch, full coverage video of your event without having to deal with large amounts of raw footage. We use a live production switcher to do this all in real time! What does this mean – it means we switch the camera angles as the event unfolds in real time. It means less editing and a super quick turn around time for you with a professionally edited clip.

Do you need a professional team to cover your next sporting event or tournament? With quality recording, market leading graphics overlay and competitive rates allow Go Live to handle all of your video production.

Sporting events have never been more accessible to the public, our videography Services cater for a range of different types of events including sports of all descriptions – you never have to ‘miss out’ again. Our videography team has a passionate interest in sports as this was the beginning of Go Live Australia. Our videography team will go anywhere to film or livestream your event. Their passion shines through when they are videoing your sport’s event. Go live provide affordable high quality sports video services, which spans all over Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart we can go anywhere)

Live Stream Sports Events

Do you have a sporting event coming up and want to get as many people as possible along to the game? Think beyond physical spectators – why not increase your audience through virtual spectators?

At Go Live Australia, our videography team will come to your sporting event, film it with our high quality equipment to make sure you don’t miss a moment. All the action shots we will catch on camera, live streaming the games to your audience no matter where they are. So if you are looking to live stream your event, look no further than Go Live Australia.

Only the best equipment

Our high quality video equipment records only in high definition, meaning the footage can be used after the live stream, and edited in post-production so it can be watched again and again.

This means we can put together an edited highlights package, so your audience can watch a summary of the game in a few minutes.

We know that when you are streaming live video, quality is a top priority. This is why we ensure we shoot with only the best equipment, using top quality broadcast cameras and audio equipment to capture every moment.

The final results speak for themselves – only the highest quality sports videography is streamed to your audience.

Create options for your sports event coverage. Make sure your spectators don’t miss a moment with our live event streaming.

We give our customers a whole host of options for filming their sports events, allowing you to add commentary, subtitles and scoreboards to the screen. And of course, our live stream of sports events allows you to replay the key moments of the game so the audience can re-watch the best action.

Live streaming events all around Australia. Go Live Australia offers streaming services all around the country, including in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. No matter where your sports event is being held, we will be there, ready to capture the action on the big screen.

The right price for video streaming services. If you think video streaming is expensive, think again. At Go Live Australia, we make sure our streaming services are affordable so you can capture your sporting events without worrying about going over budget.

Are you ready to capture your next sports event in high definition, increasing your audience and reaching a large number of spectators? Then contact us today for a free quote – you won’t be disappointed!

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