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Go Live Australia can cover your next conference or event with a team of experienced videographers. Ensure you don’t miss a minute – allow us to give you full coverage of everything that happens. There are multiple packages you can choose from depending on your scope and budget. Think about what you want to use the footage for – don’t let your event happen and be over and have nothing to show from it.

Basic package – where you just need coverage of your event. Our basic package comes with 2 or more cameras, experienced videographers will capture and deliver the footage directly to you immediately following the event – the basic package doesn’t include editing.  

Basic + package – Want more? Why don’t you include some interviews and b-roll, items like this really give you footage that will allow you to sell your event in the future and is fantastic for marketing purposes or simply to show your organisation what a success the event was. Using a 3 camera package that includes a tight and wide shot as well as a roaming camera will ensure we don’t miss a thing. This setup is the basic + version that will ensure we capture every angle and every moment of your event, utilising an experienced team of operators for a competitive price.

Don’t forget a Hype Reel

With any package we can add on a Hype Reel. This is a fantastic tool for you to show your internal stakeholders as well as being an excellent tool for marketing purposes. Go Live can create a dynamic highlights reel to showcase the best and most engaging sections of your event. All in high resolution 4K, utilising every camera angle. For large events we can create a variety of short videos to showcase all of your speakers and presenters. Find out more about creating a dynamic highlights reel your next event here.

As well as creating highlights reels and switched productions we are also able to deliver you all the raw footage in 4K for your own teams to utilise for future events and summations.