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Switched Production

Leave it to us – we can create a ready to watch, full coverage video of your event without having to deal with large amounts of raw footage. We use a live production switcher to do all this in real time! What does this mean – it means we switch the camera angles as the event unfolds in real time. It means less editing and a super quick turn around time for you with a professionally edited clip.

The possibilities are endless, we can use as many cameras as you like to cover every aspect of your event. With options for a roaming camera to capture b-roll and interviews during the event.

We can ingest graphics, holding slides and power points to ensure we don’t miss a thing and create a professional looking production. At the end you will be given a Full HD 1080p video that is ready to be sent out to your employees and audience. What are you waiting for, enquire today!

Why not take it live? Don’t be left behind EVERYONE is taking their events live now. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if there was no restrictions on how many people you can invite? Maximise your reach for all or just some of your event. We can provide you with a customised event URL or a custom IFRAME for you to embed onto your own website as well as simultaneous social streaming. Your viewers see the exact same production that you will receive at the end of the event. Better yet this all happens alongside the filming of the event so there are no extra crew – the one team can deliver both angles.

Need to monetise your event? Why not use a paywall? This is simple we can add a pay wall to the front of the stream and even restrict who can and cannot watch the stream based on location.

Highlights reel – As always we can create dynamic highlights reels of your event. Using interviews and b-roll footage in conjunction with our coverage of the event. Your highlights reel will be delivered in high resolution 4K. Find out more info here.