Why We Incorporate Switching When We Live Stream Your Event?



Why we incorporate switching when we live stream your event?

Live Stream Your Event with a Switcher

Live Streaming an Event with a Switcher

If you have more than one camera angle during the production we will incorporate a switcher in the production. The difference a switcher makes when we live stream your event compared to a standard live stream using one camera is significant. A switcher not only gives the live webcasting team the opportunity to switch to multiple cameras to capture the best angle but the benefits are endless. The switcher will allow the operator to send the production out in multiple bitrate, add graphics, and insert headings, title and a watermark. We can also incorporate commercials and logos all whilst the whole live production is being recoded and saved as a MP4 file.

Get in contact with the Australia live stream specialist go live Australia for more information on why you should incorporate a switcher during your live stream event.



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