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Why we use a Teradek Bond encoder

An encoder is a live stream device that converts the video and audio content of numerous sources used during a live event into the correct format for a live streaming media player. Such as a camera feed, audio device, desktop screen output, ultimately compressing and converting the content into the appropriate digital format for the desired live stream destination. The destination you would like your live stream hosted on is a website or social media platform of your choice.

Go Live has been utilizing Live Stream Encoders in their productions from day one to host their live streams, and this is for one main reason, reliability. This could be for trying to Livestream in an area with poor internet, and you as the producer need to send out high definition content to a digital platform or the producer is sending multiple feeds to numerous platforms and wants the bandwidth headroom to do it.

Although numerous brands in the market design and develop hardware live encoders for the camera live stream industry, Go Live only trusts one encoder brand to deliver the live stream content for their clients, Teradek. Teradek describes themselves on their website as high-performance video solutions for broadcast, cinema, and general imaging applications.

And as a high-performance live video solutions provider, we couldn’t agree more with this statement, as this is evident with the craftsmanship that has been applied when designing and developing the Teradek Bond Encoder.

Go Live using the Teradek Bond Backpack on an event.


Features include;

  • Bonding/combining five internet sources for reliable upload of the content to either a streaming platform or sever to host the Livestream
  • Convert your video feed from HEVC to AVX
  • Archive/record each stream on AWS serves in real-time.
  • Streams the camera and audio live stream to a server to monitor the stream, sending the stream to multiple locations
  • Supports bit rates up to 30Mbps and a-boot-to-live time of 20 seconds
  • Adaptive streaming content quality based on the locations internet and access provided.
  • HDMI and SDI input compatible
  • Integration with Teradek Core.
  • Remote SRT feeds for live streaming devices.

The above Teradek Bond features are essential when live streaming an event as this reduces the chances of the live stream technician from having a technical issue during a Live Event.

Go live workflow consists of setting up a few cameras, ingesting the live camera feeds into a switcher, adding graphics, lower thirds and holding slides. According to the run sheet, once the Livestream production has been created, we send the mixed output via the Teradek bond to the Teradek Core cloud server. In the cloud, we monitor the live stream and send the feed to the client’s social media and platform with the stream key and URL provided.

If you would like to know more about the Teradek Bond encoder (Teradek Bond 757 + Cube 755), either for purchasing, hiring a bond (Hire Teradek Bond 759 –Backpack HEVC V-Mount) or want to introduce this into your production workflow. Get in contact with one of Go Live specialists for more info.

We sell and hire the Teradek Bond 700 series and Backpack model. Both units connect to the Teradek core.

Hire Teradek Bond 759 – Backpack HEVC V-Mount


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